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Updated: 05/21/2024

Wastewater Discharge at 1521 Kaau street, O‘ahu

First Detected: 05/16/2024
Sign Removed: 05/20/2024
Closed: 05/21/2024
Cause: Manhole overflow

The public is advised to remain out of the waters of Palolo Stream below Hardesty Street due to a wastewater discharge adjacent to 1521 Kaau street. Event: Wastewater Discharge Location: Adjacent to 1521 Kaau street Estimated Volume: 18,000 gallons Affected waterbody: Palolo Stream. Estimated 13,500 gallons via storm drain Status of discharge: Stopped Warning Signs have been posted. The public is advised to stay out of the affected waters until warning signs have been removed. For more information:!/event/1804/details/view

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