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Updated: 02/15/2024

High Bacteria Count Notification at Keaukaha Beach - 4 Miles, Hawai‘i

First Detected: 02/14/2024
Sign Removed: 02/14/2024
Closed: 02/15/2024
Cause: Undetermined

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) is retesting Keaukaha Beach - 4 Miles, Hawai‘i. Levels of 324 per 100 mL were detected during routine beach monitoring. DOH is uncertain about the representativeness of the first sample. This beach has historically met the acceptable beach threshold level, and there is no known source of fecal contamination. Therefore, DOH has collected another sample and is retesting the site. DOH will update the notification based on the results of this retesting.

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